Friday, October 2, 2009

Advantages of a Cedar Garden Shed

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If you are considering building a wooden garden shed on your property, there are many types of wood you can choose from to use to build the structure. A cedar garden shed, however, has many advantages over some other popular types of wood for outdoor storage buildings like wooden garden sheds.

For one, cedar is a wood that is able to put up with a variety of temperature conditions and extremes, everything from ice in the winter to heat in the summer. Year after year, with just a little maintenance and care, it will continue to beautiful and functional.

Cedar is also naturally insect-resistant. Most bugs can't stand cedar, and if you live in an area where insects like termites and mason bees are a problem, you should really only consider cedar for your shed building.

Cedar also has a natural resistance to mildew and rot. This adds even more to their value, as they need much less maintenance and repairs as the years go by.

Finally, not only is cedar a beautiful wood, it smells beautiful too. If you desire to stain or paint your cedar shed, it is also easy to do so on cedar (although given how beautiful the wood is naturally, you really do not need to paint it).

There is one disadvantage to building a cedar garden shed, however: the cost. Cedar can be more expensive than some types of wood, and if you are interested in cheap wooden sheds, cedar may not be the best option for you (pine, for example, is a much cheaper wood to build with, but it does not have many of the advantages of cedar).

With all these advantages, you should definitely consider a cedar garden shed for your home. There are some great cedar shed kits available online, or if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, cedar is readily found at most lumberyards and home improvement stores.

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