Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wooden Garden Sheds

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A wooden garden shed can be a wonderful addition to your backyard landscape. Not only do they provide often very useful additional storage space for homeowners, but they also provide easy access to the most useful garden and yard items you need. A wooden garden shed is the ideal space store everything from your favorite shovel to lawnmowers, fuel, fertilizer and gloves.

You have three choices if you are interested in having a wooden garden shed in your backyard:
  1. You can purchase an already built wooden shed and have it delivered right to your backyard. This option is best for busy people with little time to invest in building their own shed, but it is also by far the most expensive option.

  2. You can get an easy to build manufacturer's wooden garden shed kit. These kits usually have the materials pre-measured and pre-cut, and all you need to do is assemble them according to instructions. This is a nice solution for those with a few weekends to invest in building the shed, or who have little construction experience. The downside is that you will be limited to the styles and layouts that the manufacturers provide.

  3. You can build your wooden garden shed from scratch. With this option you can build a shed that best suits your needs and tastes. This option will take much more time in terms of personal labor, but it is generally the most affordable option (particularly if you use recycled lumber in the construction).
Once you have decided which option works best for you, you are ready to start the process to look at wooden garden sheds plans and styles best suited for your backyard.