Sunday, August 30, 2009

Log Shed Building Plans and Ideas

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If you are interested in putting a wooden garden shed on your property, consider building a log shed using local logs for the construction. Log sheds are beautiful structures, invoking a bygone era and pioneering lifestyle. However, they can be a bit more complicated to build than many simple wooden shed plans (especially kit wood sheds). So here are some tips to help plan your log shed:

  1. Develop a simple footprint for the shed. As with any shed plan, the more sides to the structure the more complicated it will be, so try to stick with a simple four wall design to make the construction much easier.

  2. Plan, plan, plan. You need to plan your log shed accurately, including size, placement of windows and more before you begin to cut logs for it. Proper planning will save you time, money and a lot of hassle.

  3. Consider using a log shed kit. These often include all the supplies, plans and instructions you need to easily build a log shed - with the exception of the logs themselves (although the plans will tell you exactly what size logs you need for the kit). Log shed kits can be easily found online.

  4. Use local materials whenever possible. A log shed is a great idea for homeowners with substantial trees on their property that will need to be cleared to build the log shed (or other structures or landscaping plans).

  5. Read up. There are many books on log cabin building that will also help you build a log shed. After all, a log shed is simply a smaller version of a cabin. However, because it is smaller it is also simpler, so you need not be intimidated by the complexity of a log cabin design. Just get a feel for what is involved before you embark on you log shed building experience.
By following these tips you should have a beautiful log shed on your property in no time. For more ideas and suggestions about wooden garden sheds and other wood storage buildings for your landscape, visit the Wooden Garden Sheds Information Website.